Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Meet us

Meet the women of Expat Kochen

Rylla Resler, Expat KochenRylla is a mom, a self-taught cook, a traveler, an observer of people, a writer, a lover of food and all things related, the color, the smell, and the experience of buying, preparing, and eating it. She is on a new journey in her life as an expat in Basel, especially enjoying the adventure of searching, finding or not finding what she wants, translating and discovering, getting creative and making it work. It was her mother, a diplomat's wife and gourmet cook, who inspired Rylla to cook anything. The inspiration continues today from her sisters, Mark Bittman, Julia Child, Julie Powell and others. She is ready to try anything and eager to share the adventure.
Erin Eagleman, Expat KochenErin is a lover of life and strives to bring happiness, positive energy and a smile to whatever she touches. She enjoys reading cookbooks like they're best selling novels and finds joy in experimenting with new recipes, healthy ingredients and baked goods. Erin has been a practicing foodie longer than she can remember. She owes her love of all things gecoched to her mama for raising her in an open, inviting kitchen, to Rita for introducing her to the beautiful world of organic food and to her mum for continuously inspiring her to think outside the food box.
Vanessa Gatelein, Expat KochenVanessa is a native New Yorker living in Switzerland for the past 7 years. She loves dancing all night long, exploring new places, being in the outdoors and absolutely hates the idea of a routine. Vanessa works as a Health Coach and brings to the team a background in "Healthy Living." She enjoys inspiring people to treasure themselves and shows them how to setup a healthy lifestyle that supports them, their family and their goals. Good "food" is not only about what you put in your mouth...
Robyn Johnson, Expat KochenRobyn comes to Switzerland with previous mountain experience. Hailing from the hills outside Boulder, Colorado, she has traded her organic CSA and homemade tamales for an endless supply of cheese, potatoes, and chard. Weekend bike rides to nearby farms and daily stops at the market produce more than enough local, seasonal produce to keep her fully satisfied. In addition to satisfaction, Robyn looks to food for opportunities to further explore culture and maintain a natural connection with the earth. The owner of an open mind, heart and stomach, this former vegetarian is willing to try every sustainable sausage at least once.


Sonda said...

Love the "meet us" addition to your blog ladies! You each bring such unique and interesting perspectives to the art of gathering, preparing,and celebrating all things related to food. Wouldn't it be lovely to drop in on your next culinary adventure...Expat Kochen is the next best thing!

jeanne said...

Reading your blog at cha night. Rita said hi and loves you. Joanie said she is sending buckeyes with Erik if she can get a address. Mom misses you already.
Love your blog.