Tuesday, February 16, 2010

ricers, gnocchi, yum

Well, now I have not one, but two ricers! Found one on sale at Manor in CH,

and then my sister gave me one from the U.S. Both work beautifully, making gnocchi a much more likely occurrence at our household (as well as mashed potatoes and who knows what else?). What a help a ricer was facilitating that part of the process. I used the recipe from Rouxbe.com and it did turn out light and tasty. I love the addition of white pepper and nutmeg. A little tomato sauce inspired by the recent post on smittenkitchen.com, complete with butter (yes, I said butter in the tomato sauce - you can do the original version or just add a bit of butter at the end to finish the sauce beautifully). Kids and adults loved this simple meal. While gnocchi is labor intensive, I found a certain "zenness" to working with the dough and rolling it on a piece of cardboard (beautiful indentations). At dinner we got into the discussion of "homemade" with our son, talking about the health, taste, and cost benefits of food made from scratch. As I told him it doesn't hurt that he has someone in the house who loves the process. Perhaps part of what I love so much about cooking/working with food is that it puts me in a place of appreciation. Appreciation of abundance, even in its simplicity. I wish you all of that - abundance, simplicity, joy, and appreciation. Schönen Tag!

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