Saturday, May 1, 2010

Indoor Sunshine

Spring was a bit late in coming this year to our corner of Switzerland; finally last week it was warm, sunny and clear of volcano haze. Beautiful, and I savored each day. This week it is rainy and cool - which at least means that I can get out that spring coat I love that sometimes doesn't get much use. And find my sunshine somewhere other than up in the blue sky. Et voilĂ , as I was checking out at my local Migros grocery, I saw this bright and beautiful tablecloth.

With bold graphics and vivid color it makes me smile each time I see it. The fact that it is plastic (so practical for my family) and was only 5.90 Chf makes me smile even more.

I absolutely love lemons and limes, all things citrus, which is why I love this tablecloth. When I look at it I think lemon curd, lemon icebox pie, homemade margaritas, and citrus slices in my water. Indoor sunshine. On this rainy cool day, I am thankful for good design at affordable prices.

~ Rylla

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