Friday, June 4, 2010

Grab your Francs and a grocery bag...

...we’re going to Manor!

Lokal Gemüse from Manor
All my beautiful loot (or, lokal Gemüse) from Manor

Right now the Manor in Kleinbasel (Greifengasse 22) is offering a super deal—fill one plastic bag with as much lokal Gemüse as you can and pay an astonishingly low price!

My bag of 'lokal Gemüse' from Manor
My bag of beautiful, healthy, lokal Gemüse from Manor

Follow these 5 easy steps to a healthy, local and economical dinner:

1. Head to Manor’s wonderful Obst & Gemüse section

2. Find the ‘Lokal’ aisle

3. Grab a special plastic bag, provided

4. Fill it up with as much fresh, local produce (in the designated area) as possible

5. Proceed to cashier and pay 8.90 CHF

Yes, that is 8.90 CHF per bag – no matter the weight or the contents. Kind to the body, easy on the wallet.

Offer ends Saturday evening, June 5, and contents do run low at the end of the day so get movin’!  :)


Kathy said...

That is an awesome deal! Wish we had that going in Züri. Maybe we do?

Erin said...

You should totally check it out, Kathy! I was blown away at what a super deal it was...I have dinner for at least three nights with all my veggies and they are SO good!

Kay Eagleman said...

Erin, Your photos are absolutely gorgeous! The color is so rich! I am trying to identify some of those veggies and am stumped by a few. Kay

baresytapas said...

I entered this site by chance, but I found very interesting. A greeting to all the people who visit this page.

Elisa @ Globetrotting in Heels said...

That's so odd, in Zurich Manor is just for clothing, accessories, toys, jewelery, makeup, furniture, bedding, stationery, home decor... basically everything BUT food ;-)

Robyn said...

It's the kohlrabi and fennel that look a bit out of the ordinary to Americans...but they're tasty, so see if you can find some at your local farmer's market!