Monday, September 20, 2010

Job Factory Restaurant for Lunch

If you find yourself in Basel near Dreispitz, and want a lovely simple lunch with enthusiastic service, then get thee to Job Factory. What is it, do you say? Well, so many things. First, it is a lovely Geschenk Boutique (gifts, kitchen stuff, jewelry, etc.), a fashion stop and more. Guitars downstairs, hair salon up, café, digital printing service around the corner, and then there is the kitchen manufacturing/installation division, and of course the restaurant, but I digress.

What makes Job Factory extra special is that the store clerk/waiter helping you is quite likely a young person there to gain experience and prepare for life as an adult. Job Factory employs kids for a year in various businesses to give the kids practical experience and prepare them for the "real world." The young employees are trained and mentored on how to interview, prepare their CVs, and so much more.

That translates to is stellar service, as was evident recently when Expat Kochen met to talk food and eat too. The restaurant is open for lunch and is on the top floor of the Job Factory building. When you get there you will see samples of meals available. You can get a small salad with the meal, or opt for the salad plates in medium or large.

Once we figured out the system and placed our order with our "sort of" German, we had a lovely conversation with our waiter. He was curious about us and our background. While he seemed fairly new, he was very attentive and clearly doing his best. His attitude was refreshing and so welcome.

After a delicious salad and plate of the day we got a special treat (this food blogging thing ain't bad!)

Desserts and coffee are also available, and beautifully presented.

So if you want a simple meal made with beautiful, fresh ingredients and loving care at a good price, get thee to Job Factory. And don't forget to consider a haircut (they speak English and have nice prices), great shopping (think mini Anthropologie) or a coffee and treat.

Thanks for the lovely meal and service we received!
Vielen dank!

Job Factory Restaurant
M√ľnchensteinerstrasse 268
4053 Basel
Telephone 061 560 01 01


Kay Eagleman said...

Oooo Ooooo, Erin, can we eat there when we visit? I remember visiting there, lots of very cool designs. I'm game to eat there.

Expat Kochen said...

Definitely! It is really yummy and, a plus, we can shop in the boutique after lunch! ;)