Friday, October 16, 2009

Black beans - yea!

I have been rationing my black beans that I brought with me when we moved last year, and searching for a source here. While I found them canned, I hadn't yet found dry ones which I prefer for making Feijoada, Brazilian black bean soup. And now I found them 2 places in Basel! First -

New Asia Market AG
Rheinfelderstrasse 1, 4058 Basel, Switzerland

If you walk from Messeplatz along the street that the #2 tram runs on toward Wettsteinplatz you will find it. There are lots of interesting things there (and it smells good which is something I cannot say for all the Asian stores I have encountered here) so it is worth some time if you have it. Next I was in Manor in the food section in the lower level and sure enough, black beans. How exciting. Ok, well for me. Happy hunting - keep us informed on your finds please!


Rylla said...

Wonderful! Great job on the Blog! Can't wait for a cooking class to take place, whether or not I help or whatever!


Nicole said...

El Sol and Manor have them too. Cost less at El Sol. Love the blog!