Tuesday, October 20, 2009

shopping tip

So I am a lover of kitchen "things," but don't buy many these days as my sSk (small Swiss kitchen) is packed pretty tight. I find it easy now to say no to this or that, simply because I MUST be practical - 1) where will it fit? 2) will I use it 3) will I really use it, and if so, how often? None the less I love to look and putter around kitchen sections and kitchen stores whenever possible. I really have needed new oven pads for a while, and was thrilled to find these at my local Migros, on sale for 1/2 price. They are silicone which I wasn't so sure about; in the past I have used some that are too stiff to use easily. These are thin enough to maneuver around various pot and pan handles, and I find that if I am grabbing something really hot I can easily use 2 together. Also, as my kitchen is lovely in its neutral tones, I always love to add a splash of color. Each set contains 2 oven pads for 2.95 CHF. :-) If you are interested I'd shop soon, as they seem to be disappearing fast.

One more thing - I often buy items like this and save them for gifts. They are easy to pack or ship, and are something practical for everyday use "from Switzerland." It is my hope that the recipients of these gifts think of their time here, perhaps of my sSk and fun times cooking together!

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Maryla said...

Hi, I love these and will check if my local Migros has them too!