Saturday, November 21, 2009

Getting close to your food...

French Farm
A couple of days ago a friend who lives just across the border from Basel in France took us (Robyn, Erin, Rylla) to a farm where she buys chicken. What a treat! We biked to her apartment and then she drove us a couple of towns over to the farm, right in the middle of a bunch of houses in a small village. We walked in and were greeted warmly by the proprietress. We had come for chickens, but she had so much more. Turquie, poulet, coq, canne, cannard, pintade, sauccison, et plus! That is to say, turkey, chicken, cock, female duck, male duck, guinea fowl, sausage, and more. So Coq au Vin is really cock cooked in wine, a revelation to me. And upon further research I learned that pintade is guinea fowl, a bird raised for its light, delicate meat. It is know to be similar to chicken, more flavorful yet not gamey. Can't wait to try it.

French Farm

As we looked around her husband slipped out and returned with a live turkey in arms. Perhaps the very turkey we'll have next weekend when we celebrate Thanksgiving. That is getting close to our food, and feels great. To be able to see the live bird and say my "thank you" to it before we gather over a meal to give thanks for all we have just seems right.

French Farm

So, if you are interested in very fresh chicken, turkey, etc. and a lovely ride into France, below are the details. You can call and speak to them in French or German. If you need help contact us. I'd be happy to call and place an order in my terrible but functional German.

French Farm

M. J-Pierre Ginder
Elevage Avicole
5, rue du Rhin
68870 Brinckheim
Tel. +33 89 68 23 03

As we come upon our American holiday of Thanksgiving I am so thankful for experiences such as the trip to the barn, and for people to share them with. Happy Thanksgiving.

French Farm

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Mishi said...

Just reading (and hearing about) the ginger martinis inspired Urmi and me to come up with an unplanned, but quick version. It was fabulous! We will absolutely do it again:
vermouth chilled martini glasses
(Ice in glasses, pour vermouth in, let sit while you grate the ginger) Pour ice and vermouth out. Add vodka, 1/2 tsp. grated ginger, dash of oj... YUMM!

So, see how your blog is continuing to inspire! Good job all of you! thanks for sharing.