Thursday, December 31, 2009

Little Bird in the Oven

As the Holidays wind down, I find myself reverting to effortless meals. I am through with overindulgence and crave simple, healthy food that still feed my wintertime need for warmth and substance. Right now, I am loving the small roasting chickens found in every Swiss supermarket.

These chickens are not the plump, hormone-injected, overly breasty birds I grew up with. Their smaller size appeals to my sense of cutting back, and somehow emphasizes how easy cooking can be. Put a bird and a few vegetables in a pan, add herbs and spices, pop the pan in the oven, voila! Balanced meal done. Added to the beauty of a roasted chicken are rounds two and three: divine sandwiches the next day, then chicken soup for an army. Mmmm…nothing quite like chicken soup made from the carcass.

I’ve experimented with different spice combinations in an attempt to create a zesty jerk chicken rub, plus I’ve added dried chiles and beans to my soup mixtures. The spice has added a little heat to this cold, wet post-holiday winter.

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Rylla said...

I love the Swiss chickens too Robyn. I find that I need 2 of them for my small family of 4, because of growing appetites and because of such succulent birds. And chicken stock! Fills the house with yummy smells and is such gold here as so far I have only found it available in the store in cube form, too salty. Beautiful!