Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A quick trip to Paris...and E. Dehillerin

Julia Child’s Parisian kitchen store. There since 1869. And…a mess!

A lovely mess, like an old hardware store that has everything, just some of it hasn’t been touched (or dusted) for several decades.

Somewhat charming, yes. Good source for large pots and small molds and many things in between.

However, no ricer. When I asked, he looked perplexed. I told him for gnocchi, the basic variety with potatoes, flour and eggs. He knew it well he said, as he was from the South of France. But no ricer. Just use a sifter and push the potatoes through. Arrgh! Done that and it is too much work! Of course I didn't tell him that. Just smiled and continued browsing.

So my quest for a ricer continues. I have pushed my potatoes through a colander. I have tried smashing them in a food mill. I have used a masher. I love homemade gnocchi, but it is a lot of work for a small amount of pasta. The saving grace is that it is filling, so I don’t need so much, but still! The recipe I have says to use a ricer to obtain “lighter, airier” gnocchi. Doesn’t that sound nice? Well, for now I am ready for heavier denser gnocchi, because I am not doing that colander or food mill thing again. And so I continue my quest for a ricer. As they say it is all about the journey. My search for a ricer in these parts maybe more fun than actually having one!


Anonymous said...

Been reading your blog and enjoying it. Thanks for sharing your adventures.

We went there when we were in Paris too. It was definately organized for the regular shopper or talking to the staff, not really for the curious browser.

Have an idea in your ricer quest. I was looking at the spaetzle makers at the Migro at Stuecki. They had one shaped like a ricer that had similar disks that have different size holes. When I saw at first I thought it was a potato ricer. - Scott

Anonymous said...

Scout and I have the en'vie! (trying to use Tricia's cajun expression for yearning, just short of jealous!)
We'd like some copper cookware
and custard cups and and and...
How about this: we'll bring you a ricer in exchange for the Paris insider's tour. And a carpet square (or barn loft) to sleep on.
Love and ciao from New Harmony.

Expat Kochen said...

Thanks for the spaetzle maker idea Scott - that would be fun to have anyway. Dehillerin was an adventure - I didn't want to imply that it was dirty, but there were some corners that looked rather untouched for a while, which I found added to the charm. I half expected a kitty to pounce out from behind a huge pot. Great treasure hunting. I was short on time but look forward to my next visit when I can meander and brainstorm and dream...just not about a ricer!

And Lauryl, I"ll keep you posted on my quest - looking forward to that tour and barn hopping!

Jun said...

Why do you go to Paris to get a ricer? Shouldn't you be able to get them here in Basel? Jun

Expat Kochen said...

Well, that wasn't my excuse to go to Paris - went just because I love the city and had an out of town guest who wanted to go. But while I was exploring E. Dehillerin I thought a ricer would be a fun momento from there. And yes, I did find a ricer here, just today! Not in the kitchen stores, but at Manor, on sale. I'm eager to try it - maybe will make more gnocchi this weekend --- rylla