Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cheddar anyone?

Cheese glorious cheese, so crumbly and yummy! (Sung to the tune of "Food, Glorious Food" from Oliver) While cheddar cheese is available in these parts (Basel area), there is a wonderfully sharp, crumbly and tasty variety right in my little village of Bettingen. Perhaps you know Bettingen? That tiny town just up the hill from Riehen on the way to St. Chrischona? Well, in downtown Bettingen (giggle giggle) there is a small town store called the Dorfladen. (Dorflaade is Basel Deutsch I think...)

Inside you can find the basics, really quite a nice selection considering the size and location. And you can find the fabulous cheddar cheese,

along with some other yummies.

So, next time you find yourself near St. Chrischona, or just have a hankering, take the number 6 tram toward Riehen to the Bettingerstrasse stop. Catch the 32 bus up the hill to Bettingen and visit Ruben or Ruth at the Dorfladen.

Ruth is originally from the UK but has been here for 25? 35? years? She says she feels like she is still on holiday! Love her attitude and love her cheese!

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Erin said...

mmmmmmmm cheddar!