Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hellooo Toni!

Toni Jogurt, Toni Yogurt

I was perusing the dairy section at my neighborhood Denner a few weeks ago and came across a package of 6 yogurts in cute little glass jars. They looked quite fancy and delicious so I grabbed a set and high-tailed it home to do a bit of research—of both the tasting testing and web surfing variety.

Welcome Toni Jogurts in a glass pot by Emmi. Now, many of you may be rolling your eyes right about now thinking 'Seriously, this yogurt has been around FOREVER,' but it's all new to me and I couldn't be happier with my discovery.

Taste: The tastes in these yogurts are outstanding. In my household, cheers ensue each time we open a new jar—for real. Very fresh, full of flavor but not overly sweet, chunks of fruit, superb creaminess. I particularly enjoy the Blueberry and the current seasonal flavor (how cool is that!) Apple Cinnamon. After spending some time on the Emmi website and reading through the Toni section I learned that not only does the brand produce 27 unique flavors of Toni in a glass pot, but they also offer three seasonal flavors.

Packaging: So, it turns out that in the 80's consumers were encouraged to return the Toni glass pots to the store for reuse. I love this idea, as I'm all about doing my part to reduce, reuse and recycle. (Also, the jars are perfect for a variety of things including crafts, leftover food storage and tealight candles.) And the brand prides itself on the use of glass packaging for both taste and health reasons, stating 'The transparent glass packaging means that the pieces of fruit or chocolate and the colour of the yoghurt can be seen at a glance; the consumer benefits from genuine transparency and does not simply have to make do with the picture printed on the product. Glass also guarantees the quality and safety of the product. Moreover, glass is completely neutral in terms of taste as it neither gives off nor absorbs any flavour once it has been filled.' Perfect!

So now you've got my two cents on Emmi's Toni Jogurts in a glass pot. Two thumbs up, for sure. I've looked around and have seen them available for purchase at COOP and Manor for about 1.20 CHF each and at Denner for about 5 CHF for a package of six (limited flavors). Enjoy!

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Rylla said...

yum - have tried these before - am so glad to know more about them, their flavors, more to try. Danke!