Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Coming up Carrots

The seeds we at Expat Kochen planted back in May are beginning to share their magic. While we've had lettuce greens all summer, the tomatoes, carrots and onions are finally here! It feels (and TASTES) wonderful to supplement our Swiss farm-fresh produce with veggies we actually grew ourselves ... with a little help from the sun, soil, worms and rain.

To celebrate the bounty, I've been eating lots of crisp salads and savory omelettes. (A little not-well-hidden secret: when it's warm, I don't like to spend much time sweating over the stove.) My favorite omelette right now contains green onions, gruyere cheese, salsa verde and CARROT GREENS. Oh, those healthy and delicious carrot greens that you might be prone to throw away add a bright flavor to an otherwise ordinary meal. Add a dash of salt and fresh ground pepper, serve over a bed of field lettuce -- it's a quick and nutritious almost heat-free menu.

For a beautiful plate of rich orange hues, try a tasty salad of diced carrots, orange peppers, tomatoes and nectarines. The juice of the ripe fruits complements the sweetness of the vegetables, making this a salad that requires no dressing. So light! For a little protein, a scramble of eggs, mushrooms, sausage and herbs on the side ... or the above-mentioned omelette!

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Erin said...

this food looks amazing! i can't wait to get my hands on some freshly grown goodness from the garden!